Baron Allied Services
Baron Allied Services can be broadly classified into three, viz.
Property Services: Activities related to the acquisition and brokerage of real estate and maintenance/improvement of same.

•Land Acquisition • Property Brokerage • Interior works (Design & Execution) • Property Management (including enhancement) • Landscape services (Design and Execution).

Development Services: These include Pre-contract consultancy services, project packaging and finance. (These services are also offered through our subsidiary company, Technoteam Ltd.) • Development Consultancy (Pre-investment studies). • Design (Pre-contract consultancy). • Project Management. • Operations and maintenance consultancy services • Finance Advisory Services.

Engineering & Construction Services: (These services are also offered through our subsidiary company, Baron Engineering & Construction Ltd.) includes Engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance of buildings and engineering infrastructure.

BUILDING/CIVIL ENGINEERING Building Construction Road and Bridges Erosion/Flood Control Water and Dams Services/Irrigation

ENERGY/ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING (offered in partnership with Mecherint ltd. and Olkon Int. Ltd.) Electrical Installation (Building and Estate Infrastructure) Rural Electrification Transmission/Substations Alternative Energy Power Generation

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING/OIL FIELD SERVICES. Mechanical Installation (Building Plumbing/water Reticulation Lifts/Electromechanical Systems Air-conditioning/Ventilation Systems Steel Fabrication Oil field Services
BARON Allied Services.

As part of strategic refocusing and rebranding of the company, Baron initiated services and products related to consultancy and development of Industrial projects, SMEs and Agro-allied concerns.

In furtherance of the above, we set up metal fabrication and wood workshops in our company's facilities and steps have been undertaken to secure industrial plots in the six geo-political zones in the country, leveraging on their various factor endowments to enhance youth skills acquisition, resource development and industrialization.

Areas of focus include; Industrial projects, Industrial fabrication, Electrical components fabrication, Modular Petrochemical plants, Boat/Vessel construction.

SME/Vocational Training, Metal Construction, JoineryCarpentry & Joinery, ICT, Garment Production, Catering & Hotel Management.

Agro-allied Industry, Intensive Livestock Production, Post- harvest technologies, Food Processing.

The strategy behind our foray into these allied services is to deploy our competencies in project design, development and management towards enhancing improved performance in growth enabling infrastructure and human resources. This is consequent upon our research finding of significant constraints on growth imposed by infrastructure and human resources deficits in the country as well as the imperative of synergistic growth in these indices for sustainable development. We have entered into partnership with entities with proven capacity to deliver complimentary services in this direction.
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